About heavy lifting and back injuries

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About heavy lifting and back injuries

Back injuries caused by heavy lifting at work are the most common type of manual handling injuries. You can cause a muscle strain, torn ligament, or even a fracture if your work involves heavy or repetitive lifting and you have not received adequate training, guidance or lifting equipment from your employer.

The pain experienced from a back injury caused by heavy lifting can vary from a mild discomfort to severe, debilitating pain. Such injuries can occur in many places of work including shops, factories, hospitals, building sites and many others.

A wide range of occupations involve heavy lifting which can lead to a back injury. These include labourers, ground workers, delivery drivers, warehouse operatives, supermarket assistants, farmers, nurses and many more.

You may require time off from work due to a back injury, and this can result in loss of earnings and can damage your future work prospects if you are unable to perform certain tasks because of a back injury.

Your employer is under a legal duty to ensure your well being and protection in the work place and to minimise the risk of injury. If you have suffered a back injury caused by heavy lifting at work, you may have grounds for a claim.

  • You need not be still employed by your employer to make a back injury claim
  • You don’t need to have had medical treatment for your condition to make a claim
  • You may claim even if your injury occurred many years ago

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Compensation Amounts


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