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Personal Injury FAQs

Here are some common questions and answers about Personal Injury related illnesses.

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    Anyone can make an accident compensation claim arising from an accident for injuries and financial losses arising from an accident.

    You have to bring your Accident Injury Claim against a group or individual responsible and at fault for your injury even if they are only partly to blame. (Usually they will be insured and your claim will be against their insurance company).

    Under English law, you must claim compensation for injury within three years of the accident occurring, although there are exceptions to this general rule for children, people suffering a mental disability and those with certain illnesses.

    You can claim accident compensation for the actual physical and/or psychological injury and financial losses arising from the accident. Personal injury compensation comes in two forms, known as general damages and special damages.

    General damages are compensation awarded for your injuries, for the pain and suffering and any disability or loss of amenity. Special damages are all actual financial losses and out of pocket expenses which can be calculated and which have been lost as a result of the accident.

    The most typical special damages are loss of earnings, however there are numerous other special damages that can be claimed for example medical expenses, travel costs associated with medical treatment, property damage including clothing that was damaged in the accident, vehicle storage charges or replacement vehicle costs, the cost of necessary nursing care, etc.

    Your compensation claim will consist of special damages and general damages.

    Special damages are your out of pocket financial losses, e.g. loss of earnings, travel expenses, medical expenses, etc etc. General damages are decided by using previous similar injury cases (known as precedents) as a guideline.

    We, as accident solicitors, have a database of thousands of different cases where people have suffered different injuries and been awarded various amounts of compensation. These precedents are used to determine what a claimant will receive for general damages, for pain and suffering (see amounts guide)

    Since our firm was established 13 years ago, we prided ourselves on our clients receiving 100% of their compensation. As solicitors, we claim our legal fees from our opponents on top of any compensation and therefore, we gave the guarantee that our clients receive 100% compensation.

    However, following Government changes which came into force on the 1 April 2013, we are now not able to recover all of our legal fees from our opponent and therefore only on successful cases, we do make a small charge from our client’s compensation. This will be capped at up to 20% plus VAT of the awarded compensation.

    Therefore, if you are successful in your claim there will be a charge of up to 20% (although in many cases it may not be as much as this) of your compensation. If for whatever reason, you are unsuccessful we will make no charge for our work and therefore our agreement remains a No Win No Fee agreement.

    We think our small deduction is very competitive and keeping in the tradition of ensuring clients get the maximum, and as much of the compensation as possible.

    With our high success rate and the fact that we get 28% more compensation for our clients than the industry average, Claims For You is a great choice when looking for personal injury solicitors.

    Most accident claims in England and Wales are now pursued against insurance companies under what is known as a Personal Injury “Pre-action Protocol”.

    The protocol specifies time limits for progressing a personal injury claim with an insurance company and its introduction several years ago has speeded up the process of completing an accident claim. It has resulted in many claims for compensation being processed in months, as opposed to years.

    At Claims For You we pride ourselves on our speedy service as many of our former clients can attest to (see our testimonials page).

    It’s simple: If you don’t succeed in your claim, you pay nothing.

    Each year hundreds of thousands of people suffer from accidents at work. Many people choose not to make any kind of accident compensation claim in the fear that it could be too expensive. Claims for you offer a NO WIN NO FEE service so you will be able to pursue your injury claim without the fear of running up expenses.

    We pride ourselves on providing justice for people who have suffered from injury.

    If you are over 18 and your accident happened in the UK you have three years in which to lodge your accident compensation claim in court.

    If you are under 18, the three year period starts from your 18th birthday (16th birthday in Scotland). But it is better not to delay seeking advice regarding compensation after an accident.

    It is not legally justifiable for your employer to dismiss you for making an accident claim. It could amount to unfair dismissal.

    Also it’s important to remember that your employer is required by law to take out insurance cover against staff accidents. This means that your employer’s insurance company will pay your compensation, and not your employer.

    You will be eligible for compensation if you have suffered an injury – physical or psychological – which was caused by someone who should have been taking reasonable care for your safety but failed to – for example your employer, a fellow workmate or another driver.

    Our advisers and solicitors will be able to give you some guidelines as to what you might expect to receive if you win your claim.

    But in the meantime, why not take our simple test using our easy to use compensation guide to find out how much you could potentially receive.

    Our specialist accident compensation solicitors are well aware that it is in everyone’s interest to process your claim without delay.

    Many lower value claims can be settled in a matter of months. Severe injury cases generally take longer. But every case is different. Your solicitor will tell you the average time for your type of case.


    Your accident solicitor should be able to do most of the necessary paperwork for you.

    You will have to check the details of your compensation claim before it is put forward, but your solicitor can help you with this.

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