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    You could be entitled to

    £5,225 - £8,800

    £8,800 - £10,450

    £10,450 - £20,900

    £20,900 - £31,900

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      We're committed to ethical marketing and we'll NEVER cold-call or send spam emails or text messages to you. More info on Hoax calls


      • You have worked in a noisy workplace at any time in the last 40 years.
      • You suffer hearing loss, difficulty hearing others speak, reduced hearing or tinnitus.

      If you have any hearing loss caused by a noisy workplace, you could be entitled to the following based on how serious the injury is (excluding loss of earnings and other expenses);


      to £8,800


      to £10,450


      to £20,900


      to £31,900

      source: Judicial Studies Board Guidelines

      Call or email us. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed and if you tell us what’s happened, we will briefly explain if we think you have a claim and the procedure for filing a claim and the time limits that apply.

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      You receive your compensation.

      We offer an absolute and guaranteed NO WIN, NO FEE agreement, it’s that simple. If successful, we take a fee of up to 20% plus VAT of the award of compensation, absolutely no more. If unsuccessful, our clients pay us nothing.

      We are an award winning team of solicitors who specialise in noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus claims. We use our many years of experience and knowledge in this area to file claims with employers’ insurers. Using our specialist knowledge of health and safety and negligence law, we prove and value our clients’ injuries and successfully negotiate maximum settlements with insurers. Where we are able to prove an injury, we are successful in most claims.

      We represent thousands of clients who have suffered hearing loss and tinnitus. We have recovered millions in compensation. Here is a summary of some recent settlements:-

      Mr NG from Cambridgeshire

      He worked for 26 years as a fire officer. He developed hearing loss and tinnitus and came to us and we recovered £17,500 in compensation for him.

      Mr SW from Plymouth

      He worked as a telecoms engineer for 18 years. He suffered with hearing loss and we succeeded in him recovering £15,000 for his injuries.

      Mr AS from Staffordshire

      He worked as a fabricator for 19 years and developed hearing loss. We pursued a claim for him and succeeded in him being awarded £15,000 in compensation.

      Mr WD from Mansfield

      He worked for 14 years as a fitter and developed hearing loss. We recovered £14,400 compensation for him.

      That’s not a problem, just call or email and we will advise you if you have a claim and the time limits that apply. You don’t have to proceed but we do hope that if you do decide to proceed later, you will think about using our services. We believe we offer an unrivalled service and have righted many wrongs for our clients. We have countless recommendations, commendations and “thank you’s” from our clients. Here is a selection:-

      Mr AL from Sheffield
      “I thought your service was very professional and helpful…”

      Mr AD from Wolverhampton
      “I would like to thank you for your excellent service and I would recommend your company to anyone…”

      Mr G from London

      "Thank you all for the work that you have done for me from start to finish. You have done a wonderful job..."