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      You have worked in a noisy workplace at any time in the last 40 years? You have suffered tinnitus which has been caused by your work or workplace.

      • Ringing or Buzzing in the ear
      • A High Pitch Tone or Humming noise in the ear
      • A ‘Rushing’ noise in the ear
      • A Whistling in the ear

      If you are affected by tinnitus, call Claims For You on 0800 158 3879 for free and no obligation advice on a potential No Win No Fee claim.

      If you have tinnitus, you could be entitled to the following based on how serious the condition is.

      Slight Tinnitus

      £5,400 – £12,100

      Mild Tinnitus

      £9,250 – £12,100

      Moderate Tinnitus

      £11,000 – £23,980

      Severe Tinnitus

      £11,000 – £36,850

      Judicial College Guidelines. 13th Edition

      Call or email us. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed and if you tell us what’s happened, we will briefly explain if we think you have a claim and the procedure for filing a claim and the time limits that apply.

      Step one

      Fill in the contact form above or call us on 0800 158 3879

      Step two

      We discuss your claim to work out your eligibility.

      Step three

      We act on your behalf to reach a settlement with the other party.

      Step four

      You receive your compensation.

      We offer an absolute and guaranteed No Win No Fee agreement, it’s that simple. If successful, we take a fee of up to 20% (plus 4% VAT) of the award of compensation, absolutely no more. If unsuccessful, our clients pay us nothing.

      We are an award winning team of solicitors who specialise in industrial illness and injury claims. We use our many years of experience and knowledge in this area to file claims with employers’ insurers. Using our specialist knowledge of health and safety and negligence law, we prove and value our clients’ injuries and successfully negotiate maximum settlements with insurers. Where we are able to prove an injury, we are successful in most claims.

      Mr H was exposed to excessive noise whilst in the employment of the Ministry of Defence from 1985 to 2010 as a gunnery instructor.  His duties involved the training of infantry personnel in weaponry and fire arm use, working with and in close proximity to weaponry and armoury.  By reason of exposure to the excessive noise levels, he developed noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.  He contacted Claims For You to make the claim.  Mr H received £25,990 in compensation.

      Mr L was awarded over £300,000 (including loss of earnings) for severe hearing loss and tinnitus caused from noise exposure over 4 years.

      Mr NG from Cambridgeshire

      He worked for 26 years as a fire officer. He developed hearing loss and tinnitus and came to us and we recovered £17,500 in compensation for him.

      About Tinnitus

      Symptoms of work related tinnitus have been recognised as an occupational health hazard for many years. If your job or workplace has exposed you to noise and not provided any, or any adequate, hearing protection such as ear plugs or ear defenders, then you could be entitled to claim.  Potentially any worker who, through their employment, has had to work in a noisy environment could be at risk.

      Your employer is under a legal duty to ensure your well being and protection in the work place and to minimise the risk of exposure. If you are suffering from tinnitus, you may have grounds for a no win, no fee claim.

      There are many occupations that can potentially lead to tinnitus exposure including;

      • Groundworkers
      • Labourers
      • Engineers
      • Fabricators/Welders
      • Royal Navy workers
      • Printers

      and many more.


      Here are some common questions and answers about tinnitus.  If your question is not answered here, please use the form on the right-hand side and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

      How is Tinnitus Caused?

      If your job involves working in a noisy environment, it is possible that you may have developed symptoms of tinnitus. Such exposure has been regarded as an occupational hazard for many years and your employer should have taken steps to minimise your exposure.  These preventative steps include providing protective equipment such as ear plugs or ear defenders and soundproofing machinery.  If your employer has not taken such steps then this may amount to negligence and has put you at risk as a result.

      Are There Different Types Of Tinnitus Symptoms?

      Yes. Tinnitus can take the form of a ringing in the ears, or a high pitch tone, or a rushing sound.  You may have grounds for a claim if you are suffering from these type of symptoms that have resulted from the work that you have carried out.

      Can I make a claim?

      You need not be still employed by your employer to make a tinnitus claim. You don’t need to have had a formal diagnosis of your illness or to have received medical treatment for your condition in order to make a claim. If you have suffered tinnitus, we will give you free, no obligation advice as to whether you have a claim.

      What do I have to pay?

      Since our firm was established, we prided ourselves on our clients receiving 100% of their compensation. As solicitors, we claim our legal fees from our opponents on top of any compensation and therefore, we gave the guarantee that our clients receive 100% compensation.

      However, following Government changes and the introduction of the Legal Aid, Punishment and Sentencing of Offenders Act which came into force on the 1 April 2013, we are now not able to recover all of our legal fees from our opponent and therefore only on successful cases, we do make a small charge from our client’s compensation. Therefore, if you are successful in your claim there will be a charge of up to 20% (plus 4% VAT) of your compensation. If for whatever reason, you are unsuccessful we will make no charge for our work and therefore our agreement remains a No Win No Fee agreement. Given these rules allow solicitors and claims management companies to charge a fee of up to 50% of the compensation awarded (and we are aware of firms who do this), we think our small deduction is very competitive and keeping in the tradition of ensuring clients get the maximum, and as much of the compensation as possible.

      What does “No Win, No Fee” actually mean?

      It is simple: if you do not succeed in your claim, you pay nothing.

      Will I have to fill out loads of paperwork?

      No, we will be able to do most of the necessary paperwork for you. You will have to check the details of your claim before it is submitted, but we will assist you with this.

      For no obligation advice, call free on 0800 092 1443 or fill in the form and we’ll call you back.

      Is There Any Other Support Available?

      More information on the treatment of tinnitus is available on this website http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Tinnitus/Pages/Treatment.aspx